Explosive audio recordings have been presented in court as evidence in the murder prosecution of renowned musician Tupac Shakur, implicating hip hop tycoon P Diddy in the crime.

The tape shows Duane ‘Keefe D’ Davis, a West Coast mobster and suspect in Tupac’s death, bragging about Diddy reportedly organizing the hit on the rap legend.

The disturbing 2-hour and 25-minute secret police interview took conducted in 2008 with the LAPD. During which Keefe D said Diddy offered him $1 million for Tupac’s assassination. The audio clip, which is now a major piece of evidence in the murder prosecution, has emerged as Las Vegas prosecutors present their case against Keefe D.

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In the frightening tape, Keefe D, 60, can be heard laughing and joking with cops about Diddy’s suspected role in Tupac’s death in Las Vegas in September 1996. The gangster alleges, without evidence, that he oversaw Tupac’s deadly shooting at Diddy’s request in the mid-1990s.

Keefe claims Diddy sought to remove the opposition, notably rival record label owner Suge Knight and Tupac during the East/West Coast rap warfare. The former Compton Crip claims Diddy proposed the million-dollar prize, despite his repeated denial of participation in Tupac’s shooting.

Prosecutors used the audio tape to highlight Keefe D’s confession of being a crucial figure in the murder. However, it is important to recognize that several sections of the audio contain unfounded accusations against Diddy.

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In the audio, Keefe D brags about becoming close to Diddy through mutual acquaintance and thug Eric “Zip” Martin. He describes how Puffy revealed his dislike for Knight and alleged wish to eliminate both Knight and Tupac. The gangster alleges the assassination order was given secretly. That Diddy had several chats with him about “killing both of them.”

Tupac was shot in the evening of September 7, 1996, as he drove to a club with Knight. Despite Keefe D’s accusations of involvement, Diddy’s alleged role in the murder remains unconfirmed.

The mobster maintains he never received cash for the shooting, casting doubt on his credibility. The submitted tape provides a terrifying peek into Keefe D’s unrepentant manner as he discusses planning the rap icon’s assassination.

As the trial progresses, the bombshell discoveries in the audio recording may redefine the story of Tupac Shakur’s tragic death. Shining light on purported links inside the hip hop business that have been buried for decades.


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