This week, NBC News made “double-digit” staff reductions, adding to the increasing number of media companies laying off employees.

Out of the several thousand employees in the division, 50 to 100 were likely to be let go, according to those familiar with the situation who spoke with Deadline. The impacted workers will get outplacement services, a severance payout, and 60 days’ notice.

According to people close to Deadline, the firm planned to focus on areas of priority and continue investing in growth potential, which included the layoffs.

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This coincides with staff reductions across several media outlets.

Staff reductions were made by The Washington Post, NPR, Buzzfeed News, and other publications last year. There was also another wave of double-digit cuts from NBC and MSNBC.

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According to Poynter, the media sector as a whole saw approximately 20,000 layoffs in 2023. According to Poynter, the journalism industry shed 2,681 jobs by early December, more than it did in 2022 or 2021 combined.

Dylan Byers of Puck News revealed the information on Thursday.

NBC did not respond to requests for comment right away.


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