According to news sources, a Hollywood editor is facing criticism after being detained on suspicion of abusing children.

The well-known editor was already fired from a major Amazon Prime series due to the current claims, and additional consequences are likely for the unstable guy in the camera.

A video purportedly shows 39-year-old Christopher Charkowski abusing a child inside of a residence in June 2022. Charkowski was arrested in Los Angeles County this week on a felony allegation of deliberate cruelty to a child causing possible harm or death.

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In the footage, a tiny toddler child is seen being punched by Charkowski, who then throws him onto the couch. Even though it’s unclear how the adult and child are related, law officers thought there was enough evidence to link Charkowski to the crime.

With a history in post-production for popular television series, Charkowski most recently worked on “Jury Duty,” which received praise and a Golden Globe nomination. Bravo’s “Below Deck Mediterranean” was another project Charkowski worked on before its production was halted over two years ago.

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After posting bond, Charkowski was set free; nevertheless, he must appear in court again in a little over a month.


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