Social media is exploding with excitement as a result of Sony revealing its newest vehicle, which can be controlled with a PS5 controller.

I can already hear the excitement of PS5 owners as they realize that these days are over, when they can use DualSense to sit behind a screen and pretend they’re not sitting on the sofa while racing around a racetrack.

Get ready to feel as though Leave the World Behind has just stumbled upon you.

Tuesday, January 9, at the annual Consumer Electronic event (CES) trade event in Las Vegas, Nevada, held by the Consumer Technology Association, Sony Honda Mobility Inc. (SHM) showcased the prototype for its newest vehicle.

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Izumi Kawanishi, the Representative Director, President, and COO, unveiled the prototype, called AFEELA, on stage by using a PS5 controller rather than going behind the wheel.

The caption says, “DualSense powers AFEELA.”

Indeed, Kawanishi can be seen in the video gliding the sleek gray automobile onto the stage with no one in the driver’s seat with a simple flick of the joystick.

People were amazed to see a car being driven using a PS5 controller and flocked to the post’s comments section.

A comment on Instagram read, “Best company forever.”

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“That sounds good.nonetheless, given the millions of controllers worldwide, this might not be safe,” a second person said.

“I’m sorry, but, if someone hacks this thing while on road,” remarked a third.

“Gran Turismo 15 Pro max edition,” said the other person.

But there’s a catch before you get too enthusiastic.

The video, which Sony shared on Instagram on Tuesday, January 8, states that the new car being driven by a PS5 controller is intended solely for a “tech showcase.”

It appears that you gamers are confined to your screens for the time being.

That doesn’t negate the car’s other amazing high-tech design features, though.

By utilizing artificial intelligence to support its advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and enhance “perception and machine learning for path planning” with Vision Transformer, the AFEELA seeks to “redefine the relationship between people and mobility.”

As he unveiled the prototype, Kawanishi stated that while safety is a “top priority,” the business hopes to “revolutionize how people move, making mobility interactive and expressive.”

It’s a good thing that most people won’t be able to use a PS5 controller to actually drive the automobiles then.


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