Ozzy Osbourne revealed that it will “take time” for him to heal.

Billy Morrison, a fellow musician, and the 75-year-old British rocker talked about his health during the most recent episode of The Osbournes Podcast.

“Ozzy, you look amazing,” Billy remarked to the Black Sabbath singer.

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Of his rehabilitation, Ozzy told 54-year-old Billy, “It’s just a job, it’s what I do now.” “I just got back from the doctor today, and everything is normal again. My blood clots are gone. My neck is able to bend. All I need to do now is regain my equilibrium.”

In September 2023, the musician had his fourth and last spinal surgery. After receiving a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease in 2003, his current focus is on managing the condition.

“I’m not seeing so many doctors anymore,” Ozzy stated throughout the episode. “I’m not getting surgery or anything; I’m just visiting the doctor for Parkinson’s disease. In five years, I underwent seven procedures.”

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He continued, “It’s a slow recovery because I’m not as young as I used to be so recovery of anything is gonna take time.”

Ozzy declared that his September surgery would be his final one just before it took place.

“Tomorrow I have my final surgery on my neck,” he remarked on a recent podcast broadcast. “It will be the last surgery because I am no longer able to perform it. I’m not going to continue doing it after tomorrow, no matter how it turns out. I am unable to.”

After a fall in 2019, the performer had metal plates placed in his neck. Later on, the plates were taken off because they were bringing him more pain.


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