Kanye West is facing a lawsuit for purportedly assaulting a fan by throwing a punch.

Kanye West is facing a lawsuit from a fan who alleges that he assaulted him by throwing a punch, following a request for an autograph in 2022.

Justin Poplawski and his wife Tiffany Marshall have initiated legal proceedings in Los Angeles County Court, alleging assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, carelessness, and loss of consortium, as per documents acquired by The Blast.

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The purported event took place in downtown Los Angeles on January 13, 2022, following an interaction between Poplawski, who self-identifies as a “esteemed autograph merchant,” and Kanye, during which Poplawski requested an autograph.

As to the lawsuit, Poplawski alleges that Kanye, upon being approached, shouted, “Leave immediately before I physically assault you.” I intend to demonstrate a clear and forceful illustration of your actions. The autograph seeker additionally stated that Kanye made reference to his “divorce” from his former spouse, Kim Kardashian, using explicit language.

Poplawski alleged that the rapper repeatedly struck him, causing significant harm.

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As to the paperwork, the plaintiff stated that he and his wife were “legally positioned on public property” at the time of the reported occurrence.

Marshall is filing a lawsuit against the rapper, who is 46 years old, for the legal claim of “loss of consortium”.

Soon after the event took place, a video of Poplawski lying on the ground while Kanye yelled was posted on social media.

The police conducted an investigation into the incident involving the Gold Digger rapper, but ultimately chose not to pursue legal charges against him.

“Following a comprehensive and meticulous examination of all the evidence, our office has decided not to pursue charges due to the absence of a reasonable probability of obtaining a conviction,” declared the L.A. City Attorney’s Office at that moment.


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