The day of the wedding, which Jennifer Lawrence said was “stressful,” she told Robert De Niro to “go home.”

Lawrence and her husband Cooke Maroney got married in 2019 at a house in Newport, Rhode Island. She is 33 years old.

Lawrence and Maroney got together through a friend in the spring of 2018 and got married just over a year later. They only had a few months to plan their big day.

When Lawrence talked to E! News at the Golden Globes on Sunday, December 7, she talked about her wedding day.

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Many women say that their wedding day was the best day of their lives, but Lawrence thought the opposite. She said that being a bride was “awful.”

“This is so stressful. It’s not fun for you. “All you can think is, ‘Is that person having fun?'” she said.

“I’ll never forget—I was freaking out about the guests being cold,” she said, “and all of my friends were lying they’re like, ‘Nobody’s cold, nobody’s cold, everything’s fine, everything’s fine.'”

Some famous people who came to Lawrence’s party were Adele, Amy Schumer, Emma Stone, and Kris Jenner. But, despite what her friends told her, things were not going well.

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Karen, Lawrence’s mom, finally said it was “freezing,” telling her daughter, “Your grandmother almost died.”

Plus, Lawrence said she wasn’t just stressed about the wedding day; she was also worried about the people who would be at her rehearsal dinner.

Someone lucky enough to get an invite to the event was Robert De Niro. But when De Niro showed up, Lawrence seemed to regret the offer.

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I saw Bob, who doesn’t know anyone and is just walking around, and I thought right away, ‘No, this isn’t what he wants to be doing.'” I don’t need him here.

“So I went over and whispered, I was like, ‘Go home’ and he was nice—he like talked to my parents and was polite—but I was like, ‘Go.'”

De Niro probably could have stayed if he had wanted to, but Lawrence said that he gave in to the bride’s wishes and left.

“That really did make me feel better,” the Hunger Games star said.

Even though her wedding day wasn’t as perfect as she had hoped, it was the start of her family life with Maroney, which now includes their son Cy.


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