Last year, Pepsi rebranded Sprite, its rival crystal drink to Coca-Cola. Rapper Ice Spice is being featured as the new star.

A Super Bowl commercial featuring Ice Spice will air. Starry is a new soda that Pepsi introduced last year, replacing its Sierra Mist brand. The burgeoning artist is probably a wise pick, given her popularity as a TikTok rapper and her ties to Generation Z. Alongside mascots Lime and Lem, she will star. VaynerMedia is the creative agency in charge of the advertisement, according to AdAge.

In an attempt to challenge Coca-Cola’s market domination in the lemon-lime soda segment, Pepsi Co. renamed Sierra Mist last year. AdAge was informed by Michael Smith, the Starry brand’s head of marketing, that the company’s ideal customers are “irreverent optimists.”

It goes without saying that Ice Spice has partnered with other brands before Pepsi Co. in her ascent. The rapper appeared in a Dunkin’ Donuts commercial in September 2023 of last year to commemorate the start of pumpkin spice season. Ice Spice won the Best New Artist category at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards, where the advertisement made its debut.

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Ice Spice has broadened her horizons outside music and developed into a skilled, brand-aware artist. Additionally, she is sponsored by Chia Pet, which sells followers a terracotta bust of the rapper on which they can grow a chia ‘fro. Not terrible for something your grandmother used to give to those who were difficult to shop for. (It’s true, sorry, Chia.)

The most current song clip from Ice Spice is a clever interpretation of J. Cole’s “fart” line from his album The Off-Season. “You can’t out-fart me, boy, but I let you feel like the sh. You believe you are the sht? The line says, “B*tch, you not even the fart.”


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