A “groundbreaking” in-car technology called Sound Drive, launched by Will.i.am and Mercedes-Benz’s AMG, enhances driving with real-time, automatically-generated musical replies.

The creator, who was born in Los Angeles, and AMG—a Mercedes-Benz division that, in their own words, “specializes in unique, high-performance vehicles”—sent Digital Music News an email this morning regarding Sound Drive.

Will.i.am and the auto maker have outlined the next service, which is scheduled for a “mid-2024” release and will turn every compatible car—that is, Mercedes-Benz and AMG vehicles with a second-generation MBUX system—into a “virtual musical instrument.”

Indeed, the almost century-old corporation and the long-partnered “Scream & Shout” artist state that “a suite of sensors and advanced software” is expected to respond to acceleration, steering, braking, and more, turning these “driving dynamics…into musical expressions.”

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Mercedes-Benz highlighted the technology’s potential to “reduce stress and enhance concentration,” even though it remains to be seen whether Sound Drive will draw drivers’ attention away from the road. Fatal car crashes have been on the rise since long before the invention of behind-the-wheel music creation.Mercedes-Benz stated that Sound Drive “is also capable of syncing with other in-car’signals.'” “The windscreen rain sensors, which offer calming rhythms to lessen stress and improve concentration during bad weather, could be one example.”

Regardless, Mercedes-Benz stated that when the “interactive music experience” is installed in certain cars, drivers would be able “to ‘compose’ in real-time.” In the grand scheme of things, the entity emphasized that “an immersive sound experience is just one part of the story.”

Mercedes-Benz/AMG stated, “The long-term goal with MBUX SOUND DRIVE is to turn the technology into an open music platform.” “As a result, utilizing MBUX SOUND DRIVE studio software, musicians from all over the world could compose tracks, representing any music genre, in a new immersive audio format.”

In the short term, Will.i.am and Mercedes-Benz CTO Markus Schäfer’s CES 2024 Sound Drive presentation is set for this afternoon by the interested parties.

Furthermore, the automaker claims to be giving participants the opportunity to take a test drive of the music-powered gadget (again at the yearly consumer technology event); CES 2024 officially began today and ends on the 12th.

In a statement, 48-year-old Will.i.am addressed the product’s perceived significance and referred to Sound Drive as “a new frontier for music creation.”

The seven-time Grammy winner said, “Imagine a world where your car can become an instrument creating musical journeys.” “By combining driving and sound technologies, MBUX SOUND DRIVE allows drivers to manipulate music simply by operating a vehicle.

“I’m looking forward to seeing how songwriters, producers, and composers use this to rework classic songs and create new pieces for drivers to enjoy.” The founder of Black Eyed Peas said, “MBUX SOUND DRIVE is not only a new frontier for music creation, but it also opens up fresh, exciting, and interactive listening experiences for drivers.”


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