The French fashion giant finally decided to provide an internship after being inspired by a 13-year-old’s design designs, which included their interpretation of a potential Louis Vuitton sneaker.

The thrilled mother of the young French artist published a series of sketches back in November, marking the beginning of their voyage to LV. The designer, who went by Milan as a teenager in a BFM TV broadcast from France, had put together a range of outfits that she had created herself, ranging from sweatshirts to heels.

Milan’s appearance first became well-known due to local news reports on his mother’s efforts to assist her son in breaking through. The teen’s mother said that her son’s December birthday was coming up in the tweet that was sent in November.

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“Could you allow him a short one-week OBSERVATION course or tell me how to proceed please?” she inquired.

According to Marie Gentric of BFM TV, Milan was able to acquire an internship in December. Gentric, who had earlier that year assisted in promoting the teen’s drawings, then updated the story to say he found the experience to be “magical.”

2023 turned out to be a pivotal year for the entire LV team, largely because of the release of Pharrell’s first collection for the company following his appointment as men’s creative director. Conversely, information released in December showed that LV was among the most sought-after brands on eBay for the year.


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