Recently, Shannon Sharpe said that he was hurt by accusations that he was star-struck during his interview with Katt Williams and neglected to ask crucial follow-up questions.

After Shannon’s controversial interview with Katt for the Club Shay Shay podcast went viral last week, many on social media questioned her interviewing abilities.

Shannon Sharpe left so much on the table with Katt during the conversation, which gives me the impression that he is not an active listener at all. Like journalism, interviewing is a skill, and it’s unfortunate that we’ve come to undervalue it over time.

Shannon clarified to former NFL player Chad Johnson on Thursday’s “Nightcap” show, “I never said I was a journalist.” “What is the next question to ask?”

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Katt’s appearance, according to Shannon, was just a “conversation” between pals.

“The person who’s stopping by for a drink and some discussion, if you paid attention to my introduction. I enjoy having conversations.

Shannon went on, “I never called myself a journalist. I perform for a living. ’60 Minutes’ is the place to go if you want to ask tough questions. “Timeframe.” “48 Hours.” Proceed to Lester Holt.

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Shannon, however, found it difficult to listen as social media users contended that effective conversationalists have these abilities.

In just four days, the Club Shay Shay episode received over 36 million views.


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