This year’s conference has already begun with a trend that is astoundingly impressive: transparent screens. CES is a venue to showcase your boldest ideas.

As the name suggests, these are see-through windows that function similarly to regular televisions in that they provide vivid bursts of color, images, and video. Although transparent displays have been around for a while, their main application has been in limited marketing campaigns or for corporations due to their exorbitant cost.

Samsung and LG both unveiled their innovative approaches to transparent displays at CES 2024. Samsung unveiled a concept microLED transparent display on Sunday morning during an early press conference. It features vivid colors. LG went one step further and unveiled a translucent OLED TV on Monday. It’s amazing to see these new versions up close in person.

However, a recurring trend at CES is something incredibly cool and jaw-dropping, but completely impractical. This is shown by these displays. Although LG withheld the price of its television, you can be sure that it will be just as outrageously costly. It brings back memories of when LG rolled out its rollable television for a few years, which did make an appearance on the market but never really took off.

Let’s simply admire the set’s awesomeness since it’s CES. The audience cheered as LG’s OLED T’s screen slid up onto the stage, and we were immediately given to a demonstration of its features.

Director of marketing at LG, Frank Lee, praised the OLED T’s “sense of openness” and its ability to display digital art, visual aids, or even function as the room’s décor.

However, very few people will buy the OLED T at the exorbitant price it is expected to fetch in order to utilize it as an upgraded digital photo frame.

Lee also showed off the TV’s ability to flip between transparent and opaque modes, which lets you view the screen just like a regular TV.

Another feature that we hope to see in more screens is wireless technology. With the “Wireless Zero Connect box” that comes with the television, you can hook in all of your streaming devices, Blu-Ray players, and video game consoles, and the signal is sent to the screen cordlessly.

“It can be placed in unthinkable places,” Lee stated.

On a much smaller platform, Samsung, in contrast, unveiled its MicroLED transparent display prior to Monday’s press briefing. The presentation was only conceptual in nature, meant to highlight how much more brilliant and vibrant LG’s own MicroLED version is than OLED, which is what the company is promoting.

You might wave your hand behind the screen to observe how the color splashes appear superimposed over it because you could get quite near to the display.

Again, it’s really awesome. I could never afford one of these displays, even if they were for sale, even if I could find a use for one.


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