Twitter is rife with “alien creature” conspiracy theorists following the release of a video purporting to show an extraterrestrial figure strolling in close proximity to police vehicles amid an emergency response… and we now have some insights into what actually transpired.

A burgeoning online conspiracy theory posits that the enormous police response in Miami on New Year’s Day was not as it initially appeared. Critics are directing attention to a particular segment of footage that, according to some, depicts an eerie figure maneuvering in close proximity to police vehicles.

Upon zooming in on some TikTok videos, the video’s uploader claims to have spotted a “gray creature.”

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A spokesperson for the Miami Police Department, however, informs TMZ… “This clip contains the shadow of an individual walking.” Upon examining the lower portion of the shadow, one may discern the individual. “No life form.”

In conclusion, regarding the origin of the situation, individuals considered the sheer quantity of police vehicles on the scene was significantly excessive. A group of adolescents engaged in a brawl, set off pyrotechnics, and otherwise caused disorder at the shopping center, prompting the deployment of police. However, some witnesses may have misinterpreted the fireworks for gunfire, which presumably precipitated the massive police response.

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The positive news is that the combatants were human beings and NOT extraterrestrials.


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