After a prank by the CEO, Tesla’s competitor electric car manufacturer has made strides in battery life.

William Li, the CEO of Nio, has gained recognition as the Chinese Elon Musk, and based on his most recent stunt, it appears that he is headed in the right direction.

Li and his automaker have created a 1,000 km range battery, yet it’s true that what you see is what you believe.

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In order to test it, the CEO made the decision to drive between two Chinese cities for 14 hours straight on a single charge while live-streaming the occasion.

On December 17, he started his prank by traveling from Shanghai to Xiamen.

He used the Chinese social media network Weibo to thank God for enabling him to complete the arduous journey after his successful voyage.

A translated Weibo post describing the stunt stated, “The 150kWh battery life challenge was completed, with a final score of 1044 kilometers!”

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“Let me tell you, after 14 hours and 1 minutes of hard work, the 150kWh battery life test reached a final score of 1044 kilometers with 3% power left.”

He added that despite the bad weather, he was still able to complete the journey on a single charge.

Recently, there has been a widespread cold wave. It was two degrees below zero when we left the Shanghai World Expo Center battery switch station at 6:32 in the morning, he said.

“Today’s real battery life exceeding 1,000 kilometers was not anticipated by the team. The performance of the 150kWh battery and ET7 exceeded everyone’s expectations!

Naturally, he also used the occasion to commend his company for its advancements in battery technology.

He stated in the article, “This battery pack has excellent safety performance and the highest energy density in mass production in the world.”

“More significantly, the NIO battery switch technology allows all models now in stock to be easily updated to 150kWh batteries.

“NOP+ not only fully shown its exceptional capacity to alleviate driving stress, but it also significantly reduced power usage. I want to thank the partners and crew for a job well done.

The company plans to begin mass-producing 150 kWh batteries in April 2024, although preliminary estimates indicate that they will probably come with a high price tag.

If Nio can compete with Tesla in the Chinese market, only time will tell!


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