LinkedIn ad rates have increased dramatically, reportedly as a result of heightened demand caused by the advertiser boycott of X.

If one were to contemplate reallocating advertising budgets from platforms such as X to LinkedIn in 2024, LinkedIn might emerge as a viable substitute. Marketers are observing favorable returns; however, it is important to consider the increased cost; therefore, prior to implementing the change, assess your budget.

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Ad costs surge. The Financial Times reports that, in some instances, the cost of advertisements on the Microsoft-owned platform has increased by as much as 30% over the past year. Vice president of digital marketing and social media at the ad agency Outcast, Leesha Anderson, stated to the newspaper:

“The season for LinkedIn has arrived. The majority have transitioned to LinkedIn within the last year.The majority of our clients were off X a few weeks ago. They have all since ceased X.”

One media vendor disclosed that the price per thousand impressions for premium LinkedIn campaigns had increased to $300. A comparable campaign on Meta’s platforms, on the other hand, costs between $10 and $15 to execute.

The method by which ad prices are determined. The pricing of LinkedIn advertisements is established through an auction system that is influenced by market demand. Advertising costs increase in tandem with demand.

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ROI. Despite the significant increase in the cost of LinkedIn advertisements, marketers assert that they are achieving considerable financial gains. Advertisers are reporting return on investment (ROI) figures of up to 20%, which means that they are earning $120 in profits for every $100 spent.

Revenue from LinkedIn advertisements. In 2023, the annual advertising revenue of the platform increased by 10.1% to nearly $4 billion, as reported by Insider Intelligence. Presently, the research team projects that expansion will increase by 14.1% in 2024.

Microsoft’s statement. LinkedIn’s vice-president of marketing solutions, Penry Price, stated that “more brands” are allocating their advertising budgets to LinkedIn due to the platform’s distinctive targeting functionalities. Four out of every five members of the platform, according to the platform, have purchasing power double that of the average web audience.

Search Engine Land has initiated communication with Microsoft in an effort to obtain further clarification.


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