Tony Romo is unable to correctly identify the WAGs.

During the Kansas City Chiefs’ Christmas Day game against the Las Vegas Raiders, the former quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys made the mistake of referring to Taylor Swift as his “wife” instead of his “girlfriend”.

A video of the mix-up was shared by ESPN on Instagram, showing the singer of the song “Is It Over Now?” getting up to support the tight end on Monday afternoon.

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Romo committed his faux pas as the camera turned to Kelce.

“His girlfriend, his wife, loves it,” he remarked.

Retorting, “You’ve been down that road with that before,” was play-by-play commentator Jim Nantz.

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During the Chiefs’ game against the Buffalo Bills on December 10, Romo, 43, committed the same mistake.

Retorting, “You’ve been down that road with that before,” was play-by-play commentator Jim Nantz.

In a footage from the game, the pop singer was shown on screen with the player, and the CBS Sports analyst added, “As you see, Kelce’s wife, Taylor Swift, in the audience.”

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Romo laughed and immediately corrected himself, saying, “I’m sorry, girlfriend.”

“Not just yet!” In response, 64-year-old Nantz joked.

Swift, 34, went to Arrowhead Stadium on Christmas Day to cheer on her favorite new football team with her parents, brother, and other family members.

The “Anti-Hero” singer donned a Santa Claus cap with Kelce’s jersey number, 87, sewn on it in observance of the occasion.

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The singer of “You’re Losing Me” was seen consoling Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ wife, Brittany Mahomes, who matched Swift by donning a cap bearing her husband’s jersey number. In the end, the Raiders upset the Chiefs 20-14.

Since the Grammy winner began dating Kelce, 35, over the summer, Swift and Brittany, 28, have gotten really close, even going out on the town together several times.

In a recent interview, 28-year-old Patrick remarked that he thought it was “cool” that he and Swift had “built a friendship.”

Swift will be attending Kelce’s home game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, so last week, Page Six exclusively disclosed that Kelce and Swift would be in Kansas City, Missouri, for New Year’s Eve 2017.


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