NBCUniversal announced today that the fourth quarter of this week’s Peacock exclusive NFL game between the Bills and the Chargers will have no ads.

This represents a 40% reduction in conventional commercials during an NFL game. Peacock claims that they will cut commercial breaks by 40% during the game.

“We are honored to collaborate with our NFL partners to present this first-of-its-kind experience,” said NBC Sports President Rick Cordella. “NBC Sports’ best-in-class NFL production, Peacock’s fan-friendly viewer experience, and this innovative advertising model will allow NFL fans an exciting new way to watch the game’s conclusion.”

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Here’s how Peacock described what they’ll do in the fourth quarter:

COMMERCIAL-FREE FOURTH-QUARTER INTRO: The broadcast will include a branded moment at the start of the fourth quarter to recognize the first-ever NFL commercial-free experience. There will be no ads during the fourth quarter beginning now.

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SPECIAL CONTENT TAKEOVERS AND GAME FEATURES: In place of fourth-quarter commercial time, the broadcast will showcase special content takeovers and game features, seamlessly combining pertinent booth and studio updates and commentary.

Peacock will also broadcast the first-ever exclusive live streamed NFL Playoff game in January. With this game, Peacock will broadcast a primetime NFL Wild Card Playoff on Saturday, January 13, 2024. NBCUniversal will be the first media corporation to present three NFL Playoff games in a single weekend (January 2024) with two Saturday NFL Wild Card games and a Sunday primetime NFL Wild Card game (on NBC and Peacock).

This comes as fans of the NFL and sports in general have expressed dissatisfaction with the volume of ads. Peacock now appears to be exploring for solutions to these issues.


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