According to new court records, Chance Comanche, the NBA G Leaguer detained earlier this month on suspicion of killing a woman, admitted to police that he had strangled the victim before concealing her corpse in a Nevada desert.

According to the documents, investigators from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department discovered through a series of interviews that Comanche and his 19-year-old ex-girlfriend Sakari Harnden were involved in Marayna Rodgers’ disappearance. When they discussed this information with the basketball player, he admitted to killing her.

Comanche traveled to Las Vegas on December 4th to play in a G League match with his team, the Stockton Kings. However, a short while later, because of an apparent argument the women had earlier, he and Harnden came up with a plot to assassinate Rodgers.

According to the documents, Comanche informed the officers that he and Harnden had enticed Rodgers outside on December 6 by offering to compensate her for indulging in sexual practices.

Authorities claim that Comanche informed them they had got Rodgers into a car, and that they then pretended to have sex with her inside the vehicle after purchasing a bottle of alcohol from a local liquor store.

Nonetheless, the documents state that Comanche admitted to police that he took out an HDMI cord and choked Rodgers for around ten seconds. He apparently released her until she lost consciousness, though police claim he told them Harnden was still strangling her.

Authorities said that Comanche informed them that once they thought Rodgers was dead, they buried her body with rocks in a ditch.

While rehearsing for the Kings on December 15, Comanche was taken into custody in relation to the case. At first, authorities charged him with kidnapping, but subsequently they announced that he would face formal charges of murder.

The 6-foot-10, 27-year-old center, who has only appeared in one NBA game throughout his career, came up in Sacramento County court on Tuesday and gave off the impression that he was stoic before waiving his extradition. It is anticipated that he will now be flown to Vegas within the next several days.

Regarding Harnden, she was taken into custody Las Vegas on December 13 and is reportedly also being charged with murder.


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