Following his physical assault of a female fan and his encouragement of his security staff to “get her” after she allegedly threw ice on stage during a performance, rapper Blueface may be charged with a crime.

Social media videos purportedly captured rapper Blueface urging his security detail to “get her” after she allegedly hurled ice at him during his performance in Los Angeles this past weekend. Blueface then shoved the woman down and called her up on stage.

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The rapper can be seen pulling the woman to the ground and hauling her up on stage in a video that was uploaded to Twitter, even though the woman is disputing that she hurled anything. The rapper’s fiancée, Jaidyn Alexis, was shown in another Instagram video hurling fists at the woman who was brought on stage, but none of them seemed to land.

“You really throwing s—t?” In a fan-made video, Blueface can be heard talking to an unidentified blonde woman in the crowd who appeared to deny making the throw. You didn’t toss anything, I see. The rapper goes on, “You the only one with a cup of ice.”

As he assisted the woman onto the stage, he added, “Come on up here, don’t be scared now.” “You know what to do,” he turned to face his security detail. Yes, get her,” the man said, before shoving the woman to the ground. Then it seems as though the musician and his group are abusing the woman.

A horrifying sound bite as the rapper and his bodyguard beat the victim is Blueface screaming, “Don’t run! Approach from this direction. Be not afraid.

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Blueface’s representatives have not answered inquiries from the media for comments. It’s unclear whether the woman plans to file charges against the rapper and his crew because she hasn’t revealed her identity or come forward as of yet.

If that’s the case, this won’t be Blueface’s first legal run-in. He entered a guilty plea in July and was given a three-year probationary sentence in October for allegedly shooting a man in Las Vegas last year. If he violates his probation, he could spend a minimum of two years in prison and a maximum of five years.

The rapper was detained in Los Angeles for carrying a hidden weapon and driving with a suspended license, eight months prior to his arrest for the shooting in Las Vegas.


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