Tiny and T.I. got into a fight, which resulted in an encounter with the cops.

T.I. is shown on camera being pulled over by a Georgia state policeman for speeding on a roadway near Atlanta.

“You just zipped by my door at a very fast pace. The trooper informed the rapper, “You drove on the shoulder back there and almost hit that car.”

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Tip answered, gesturing to the woman occupying his passenger seat, “She was getting on my nerves.” Though Tiny is never seen in the dashcam video, it is assumed that T.I. is speaking about her.

“I’m sorry. I was starting to get tired of her. “I simply wanted to get home as soon as possible so that we could exit the vehicle and establish our own spaces, me for my space and her for hers,” he continued. “You ever been with your girl and she just like harping on something?”

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T.I. said he bought the Range Rover that same day when the trooper questioned him about why it wasn’t tagged. After obtaining the information from the owner of the vehicle business, the policeman gave T.I. three citations.

The precise time of the traffic stop is unknown. A TikTok video of the event is dated Nov. 30, and Live PD Hardcore released their video in early December.

Following a confrontation between them at an Atlanta Falcons game, T.I., Tiny, and their son King Harris have been in the news for the past few weeks. King’s manner was most recently described by Tiny as her “sweetheart but a terror at the same time.”


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