Chandler Jones, an NFL player, recently got into another altercation with the police; this time, it took place while he was in Arizona.

The former pass rusher for the Las Vegas Raiders uploaded a video to his Instagram on Monday morning, claiming that multiple Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office deputies pulled up to the house where he was staying in an attempt to talk to him.

The football player and the cops can be seen chatting in the video until one of them says to Jones, “Mr. Jones, we’ve got to talk about why we’re here now.”

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Abruptly, the camera drops and Jones’s screams are audible.

“Wait!” Jones screams. “Wait! No!”

The policemen can be heard in the video attempting to clarify to him that they are “there to help” before the film ends.

Police have been contacted for comment, but we have not heard back as of yet. It is unknown when the video was taken and what the officers were doing there.

Jones was arrested twice in the autumn in Las Vegas for violating a temporary protection order against domestic abuse, so this isn’t the first time he’s drawn apparent unwanted attention from police in recent months.

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Additionally, authorities were reportedly at Jones’ Arizona house another time lately to discuss a fire he had evidently started in his backyard, according to a second video he posted on Instagram early on Monday morning.

The police told Jones, “We received a phone call stating that you were setting fire to your furniture.”

The claim was refuted by Jones, who further clarified that the fire was contained and even offered to produce firewood as proof. Before the issue is resolved, the video cuts off.

Although Jones, a 33-year-old two-time All-Pro, has not played a snap this season since the Raiders cut him after his initial arrest in September in Nevada, he is still regarded as one of the best pass rushers of his generation.


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