One of the biggest residences being built in the US by Mark Zuckerberg has a feature that raises concerns about the direction the tech tycoon believes the world is going.

The massive Hawaiian estate of Facebook’s millionaire founder, which is rumored to include its own underground bunker and community, is now under development.

According to documents, the expansive 1,400-acre property is estimated to have cost $270 million.

The estate will have a village, many mansions, and a 5,000 square foot underground bunker.

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In addition, there will be about thirty guestrooms and a number of facilities like conference rooms, saunas, swimming pools, and libraries.

An underground tunnel connecting the two main apartments will branch off to the bunker, which will have a living space, library, and escape hatch.

It will also be enclosed by concrete and metal barriers that are soundproof.

The vast estate will have its own food and water sources, enabling it to be self-sufficient.

A network of eleven treehouses joined by a number of rope bridges is one unique feature.

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Hawaii’s oldest island, Kauai, includes 110 acres that were once a sugar plantation, which was acquired by tech billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, 39, and his wife, Priscilla Chan, 38, back in 2021.

This expands the couple’s already significant real estate holdings, which now total 1,300 acres. The massive property, which spans 57,000 square feet, is reportedly one of the biggest personal construction projects in history.

However, Hawaiian advocacy groups are against the idea, claiming that the estate is but one example of a larger pattern in which affluent individuals are systematically displacing Hawaiians from their territory through property acquisition.

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2020 saw the following petition on “As it is, Hawaiians suffer enough injustice. We must provide this to them. They value their land greatly.

“To what end is he creating this mansion? Spend two months of the year in Kauai? This is not human. It’s ill. We must put an end to him.

“There are a lot of unclaimed open spots. Still, he must choose an area where people are attempting to support their families and make a living? It is repulsive. Keep the privileged from stealing things that are no longer theirs.”

A Zuckerberg spokesman refuted claims in 2020 that families were being “forced out.”

According to the spokeswoman, “Mark and Priscilla have pledged to support Kauai philanthropic groups that go above and beyond the ranch to assist enhance the island’s health and education systems, encourage conservation, and aid in the recovery process after flooding and COVID-19.

Less than 1% of the total land is developed while it is in their care; the great majority is used for farming, ranching, conservation, open spaces, and the preservation of wildlife.

“This includes a large cattle ranching program, organic ginger and turmeric farms, a nursery dedicated to native plant restoration, and partnering with Kauai’s foremost wildlife conservation experts to protect native birds and other endangered or threatened wildlife populations.”


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