After Pink Friday 2, Nicki Minaj’s new album was released, she streamed with Kai Cenat, a Twitch sensation.

The rapper, 41, accompanied the 21-year-old Cenat for a conversation and a chance to meet his family—particularly his twin sister, who is a huge admirer of hers. At about the 22-minute mark on the live, she added, “So let me just take this time to tell all 350,000 of you guys, first of all, I appreciate you for not only supporting me but for supporting this person right here,” as seen above. “His mom is from my country, so when I heard that I took a particular… not necessarily liking for you but caring about you.”

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Cenat’s mother is from Trinidad, as she pointed out, and Minaj has always made it a point to express her pride in her nation via her songs. “I need to make sure that you are being lifted up so that you can do all the amazing things you’ve been doing,” she said. “You’ve made yourself a very great lane. And I didn’t have it all worked out at that age, to be that young and already have something like this mastered. I have to commend you for loving and respecting your mother, though.

Somewhere else She praised Pink Friday 2 as her best record to date and thanked the crowd for their warm reception during the webcast. She began by saying, “Everyone on this album is so freaking appreciated, it’s not even funny,” and then she talked about the Drake collaborative song “Needle,” revealing that it was actually meant to be on his album For All the Dogs.

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“It was originally for Drake’s album,” the woman clarified. “I liked it, so when I heard it for the first time, I was like, ‘I hope something happens and it ends up on my album.'” And then, just as he was going to submit For All the Dogs, Drake emailed me two tracks at the end. To cut a long tale short, he also said to me that day, “Hey, do you want ‘Needle?’ I’m not using it for the album because it doesn’t fit the sonic vibe.” And my response was, “Fuck yes!” She expressed her pride in that particular track, saying it brings back memories of their collaboration on the first Pink Friday song, “Moment 4 Life.”

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She also thought back to her collaboration on the project with J. Cole, who she claimed she had only previously met in passing. “J. Cole did a very thought-provoking verse and also was just a delight to be around,” she stated. Each element accomplished its intended purpose. Oh Future, give my n***a Pluto a shout-out. That was most likely written six years ago. However, I was quite fond of it, and after performing it live once to the delight of my audience, I decided to include it on the album.”


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