Due to the stabbing of a co-defendant, Young Thug’s trial has been postponed until January 2, 2024.

The New York Times reports that on Sunday, December 10, Shannon Stillwell was stabbed while incarcerated. At that moment, Stillwell was incarcerated at the Fulton County jail.

According to Fox 5 Atlanta, the attacker was Willie Brown, a different prisoner. After being put in the same area as Shannon, Brown is accused of stabbing him with a knife during a brawl between the men. Although the reason behind the brawl is unknown, Brown has a violent past. According to the source, Brown was detained in 2020 on a number of offenses. These charges included violent assault, murder, and child abuse.

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The trial has been put on hold until after the holidays, according to Judge Ural Glanville, because of the uncertainty surrounding Shannon’s health.

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“Shannon Stillwell’s medical condition regrettably persists. And instead of recessing you on Friday as the court had initially planned, it might just be more smart to give you an early recess given the amount of time we’re probably going to have to address that,” Judge Glanville remarked. “Today is your recess for the holidays,” I said.

Max Schardt, Stillwell’s lawyer, declared that they would not use his sickness as an excuse to postpone the trial. They would, however, heed the physicians’ advice regarding Shannon’s best interests.

“I will not discuss specifics about Shannon’s health out of respect for his privacy, other than to say that I was happy to be able to see him and talk with him this afternoon,” Schardt stated. “I told him to get some rest since we’ll need his strength to keep fighting the bogus accusations in the RICO indictment. We understand that the doctors will inform us of what is best for Shannon in the near future, but we have never asked for, and will not ask, for this study to be delayed. I’m hoping to quickly get Shannon back together with his loved ones and family.

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Two of the six defendants in the YSL RICO trial are Stillwell and Young Thug. Both of them are accused of several crimes. Stillwell is charged with murder in connection with Donovan Thomas’s death.

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In the meantime, Thug, real name Jeffrey Williams, is charged with being the gang leader of YSL. The rapper is accused by the prosecution of being involved in numerous homicides, shootings, robberies, and other crimes throughout Georgia for more than a decade.


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