Many fans blamed Tiffany Haddish’s recent DUI for the abrupt rescheduling of a Kevin Hart comedy special from this weekend to next June.

On December 15, Hart was supposed to host a comedy event at Lucas Oil Live. The show, however, will now take place in June 2024. Many fans attribute this to Tiffany Haddish’s public announcement as one of the supporting acts. Haddish is still trying to recover from her second DUI arrest in two years, which occurred on Thanksgiving. There was no official explanation given for the abrupt cancellation. Chelsea Handler was also scheduled to appear at the occasion.

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Haddish’s career, however, may not be the only item influenced by her recent incarceration. Her pals were likewise concerned about the Thanksgiving incident. “As soon as I heard it, I thought to myself, ‘Goddamn, I’m glad she’s okay.'” But it seems strange to me. In such situation, you’d assume someone would have a driver. This is difficult because there is nothing anyone can say to change the fact that this is her second infraction. People’s attitudes against drinking and driving. Hopefully, a lesson can be drawn from this. If people want to be critical, I say f-ck it — you have no idea what someone is going through. “You never know what a person is going through,” one of Haddish’s friends told The New York Post.

Furthermore, some fans believe Hart and his team are attempting to avoid the optics of Haddish joking about the DUI. She’s done this a couple times since being detained on Thanksgiving. Haddish joked that her “prayers for a man in uniform” had “been answered” when she appeared at The Laugh Factory in Long Beach two days after being detained. It’s a remark Haddish has used before, most notably when discussing her 2022 DUI in Georgia on The Tonight Show.

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Her tune, however, has shifted in the following weeks. “I’m going to get some assistance so that I can learn balance and boundaries.” In early December, Haddish stated, “This will never happen again.” Regardless, fans and friends are concerned. Fans uncovered a video Haddish posted hours before her detention. The video, which was posted to Haddish’s Instagram, shows the comedian explaining what is going on to her fans. “I’m in Inglewood, attempting to attend the Habesha party.” Trying to channel my inner East African. I’ve been having fun with white people. Now I’m attempting to party with my East African friends, but they won’t let me in.” It’s unknown why Haddish was turned away from the club. She was eventually allowed in. Before the video concludes, Haddish says, “Where’s the bar?” after getting access.


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