The Hollywood strikes are so done for the Los Angeles City Council. Its members have overwhelmingly decided to move forward with L.A. entertainment initiatives.

The move was sponsored last month by Council President Paul Krekorian and a few of his colleagues, and it passed 14-0 with Councilman Marqueece Harris-Dawson not present.

The council directed departments to determine what resources or policy adjustments are required in order to hasten the local film and television industry’s production in the community.

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Krekorian released a statement saying, “The report is due back in 15 days and we intend to act on the recommendations we receive.” Producers may decide not to film in Los Angeles or to move their films and jobs elsewhere primarily based on how long it takes to acquire permits issued. We plan to maintain those positions in Los Angeles.

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The vote takes place less than three months after The Writers Guild of America’s 146-day walkout against the studios and six weeks after SAG-AFTRA finished its 118-day strike against the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. Only a few days later, on September 27, the Board of Supervisors for Los Angeles County voted 5-0 to order the County Department of Economic Opportunity, in cooperation with FilmLA, to “identify an economic development firm to study various strategies that could incentivize new and continued movie, commercial, and television production in the County.”

“Large companies in the city rely on the employment of the entertainment industry; when they lose their jobs, small companies also have to reduce staff or hours worked and pay,” Krekorian’s office stated. “Therefore, the health of our economy depends on a prompt resume of film and television production.”


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