According to Deadline, Hulu will lose 300 titles as a result of Disney purchasing Comcast’s stake in the streaming service. These figures could alter because the official Hulu Disney+ app won’t be available until March of next year.

Right now, it’s unclear which TV episodes and films might be dropped or whether they will eventually be accessible on the combined app.

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Hulu still has one of the biggest libraries out there, with over 7,000 titles, even with its library reduced. Disney+ and Hulu will continue to be accessible as separate applications even after their content has been combined.

But according to Ampere Analysis, the combined services will provide 9,578 titles when the united app completely launches, which is one-third of the top 100 titles in the U.S. Disney, which continues to incur enormous losses from its streaming division but anticipates turning a profit by the fall of next year, is encouraged by the anticipated data.

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Streaming services have started to rotate material after the Hulu Disney+ app was released in test in the United States. For instance, word leaked out last week that 14 Disney-owned movies would be available on Netflix starting in 2024. Deals that move material from one site to another are becoming more common. One example is the streaming of Paramount’s Halo on Amazon Prime Video.

With a vast library and a unified streaming experience, Disney expects to attract thousands of new customers.

Joshua Rustage, an analyst with the research firm, stated that “the combined Disney+ and Hulu catalogue will provide one of the most well-rounded and popular offerings in a single platform, upping the content stakes at a time when many are pulling back on content investment.”


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