Regarding its podcasts, Warner Bros. Discovery and Spotify have announced a new distribution and revenue-sharing agreement.

On Spotify’s Megaphone platform, podcasts from WBD companies like CNN, HBO, and Max will be available. Via its Spotify Audience Network, Spotify will also be one of WBD’s podcast monetization partners. Warner will find it simpler to monetise its podcasts through Spotify’s marketplace for audio-first advertisements as a result of this deal.

“All There Is with Anderson Cooper,” “The Assignment with Audie Cornish,” “The Official Game of Thrones Podcast: House of the Dragon,” “Succession Podcast,” “Turner Classic Movies,” “The Plot Thickens,” the sports-focused “The Steam Room,” and many more podcasts are included under the Warner Bros. Discovery umbrella.

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Megaphone will host and distribute podcasts from Turner Classic Movies, truTV, HBO, Max, CNN, Bleacher Report, WBD Sports, and Adult Swim.
Photo Credit: Luther Yonel

Advertisers of all sizes may engage with listeners across a wide variety of content thanks to the Spotify Audience Network. accessible in more than a dozen markets in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and North America.

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The network offers marketers who have access to unsold inventory scalable access to podcast makers. According to Spotify, within the past 12 months, there has been a 45% rise in advertiser participation in the SAN and a more than 70% increase in audio publishers who have opted-in.

The acquisition of Megaphone and Anchor resulted in the creation of the Spotify audience network. In 2019, when it bought Anchor, it was providing 80% of the power for brand-new Spotify podcasts. Spotify purchased Megaphone, a business podcasting advertising powerhouse, in December 2020. For podcasters, the SAN offers third-party brand lift measurement, streaming data, audience-based buying, verified ad impressions, and native ad placements.

Podcasters can target specific groups with the aid of Spotify’s confirmed ad impressions, which allow them to track the effectiveness and reach of their audio ads while also gathering behavioral and demographic data. The Warner Bros. Discovery podcast acquisition will support Spotify’s transition from a music-only business to one that prioritizes audio.


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