Have you ever considered what humanity might look like in the future? It could be visible to you sooner than you anticipated.

This is due to the fact that scientists think those of us living today may live long enough to witness technological advancements beyond our wildest dreams.

What could possibly be this incredible possibility?

We could virtually “live” eternally if we uploaded our brains to computers.

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Transhumanism is the bizarre practice of using science and technology to become an immortal entity, whether that be through bionics or physical form.

You can virtually store a replica of yourself on a computer, where it will remain secure for far longer than our bodies can.

We might get a lot closer to making this a reality, said a senior academic at the University of Western Australia.

Clas Weber specializes in metaphysics, artificial intelligence, and philosophy of mind. They think that within the next ten years, technology will be able to map or perhaps upload human brains.

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He clarified: “It took years and hundreds of millions of dollars to map the first human genome about 20 years ago.”

“The quickest laboratories nowadays can finish it in a few hours for roughly $100.

“With similar gains in efficiency, we might see mind-uploading technology within the lifetimes of our children or grandchildren.”

However, brain mapping is only the first step; three obstacles must be resolved before an upload can start.

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One is the ability to create the technology necessary to upload our brains, as this calls for cloning and transferring abilities that we do not yet possess.

“It would be extremely difficult to try to simulate the human brain,” stated Weber.

“The most intricate structures in the known cosmos are found in our brains. With an estimated one million billion neural connections, they are home to about 86 billion neurons and 85 billion non-neuronal cells.

“For comparison, the Milky Way galaxy is home to about 200 billion stars.”

The question of whether a virtual brain could “give rise to a real mind” is another.

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They intend to use AI to simulate some aspects of the mind’s functioning, although this could take some time.

The final question is whether it will be a synthetic human with replicated memories or just your thoughts and you.

“Only then does mind uploading become a way for you to live on,” Weber clarified.

“Considerate having your brain implanted into the void left by a person’s skull.

Is the individual that emerges with your experiences, tastes, and personality really you, as the mental camp believes?

Or are they the one who gave their body as a donation? Stated differently, did they receive a new mind or did you receive a new body?”

He continued by cautioning that uploading a mind involves a “huge leap of faith” regarding its viability.


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