For his part in Foxcatcher, Mark Ruffalo has recalled “slapping the s*** out of” Channing Tatum “so many times.”

Athletes including Ruffalo, Tatum, and Steve Carell star in Bennett Miller’s sport-thriller from 2014.

The official synopsis for the film is as follows: “Mark Schultz, an Olympic wrestler, sees an opportunity to break free from his brother Dave’s (Mark Ruffalo) shadow when affluent John du Pont (Steve Carell) invites him to move to his estate and assist in starting a wrestling team for the 1988 Olympics.

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But du Pont starts to take Mark down a dark path, which lowers the athlete’s self-esteem. Du Pont, in the meantime, grows obsessed with integrating Dave into the group, which ultimately leads the three of them to an unanticipated catastrophe.”

The actor was asked an intriguing question by Hot Ones podcast host Sean Evans on a recent episode, and his answer was as captivating.

“Is it true, true or fiction, that you once unintentionally popped Channing Tatum’s ear during a very physical scene in Foxcatcher, in which he told you, ‘Just slap the sh*t out of me,’ before the take?” the presenter inquired.

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“It was easy to slap the s* out of him because he’d beaten the s* out of me so many times,” Ruffalo replied. It resembled learning how to wrestle for four months.”

The comedian joked: “He like has 30 pounds on me, so when it came time to smack the s*** out of him, I was like, ‘Came from Alabama.'”

According to Variety, Tatum first opened up about his 2014 on-set injury during a Cannes Film Festival visit.

The actor said, “I can’t hear anything,” as he explained how his ear started making a “screeching noise” out of nowhere. I’m okay because eardrums mend.”

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Ruffalo revealed on Hot Ones that she and Joaquin Phoenix used to share a room while the 2007 film Reservation Road was being filmed.

“He’s a great cook, and he turned me on to vegan cuisine and so he would cook all the time and he was a great roommate,” he said.

“You would receive a text from him when he was out asking if you needed anything. Do you need me to grab anything?

“The place is clean, all the dishes were washed, he’s got a great sense of humor,” the actor said.


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