DISH and BrightLine today announced a partnership to power tailored, interactive advertisements on Sling TV.

Customers of Sling TV will see new advertisements featuring quizzes, easy games, and versatile scrollers as a result of this agreement. These advertisements will also be customized for every client.

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According to Dave Antonelli, vice president of sales at DISH Media, “as a leading streaming platform, our goal is to provide our SLING advertisers the most effective, full-funnel ad solutions that allow for optimal targeting.” “Brightline’s personalized ad experiences, when combined with our first-party subscriber data, offer our brand partners even more opportunities to improve attribution and move customers down the marketing funnel.”

According to Michael Bologna, chief accelerator at BrightLine, “there’s a growing appetite for dynamic ad units that allow advertisers to engage directly with their audience and deliver more than a traditional TV commercial.” “We’ve teamed up with DISH Media to give viewers the most dynamic, impactful, and quantifiable ad experience possible and to increase the opportunities for CTV advertisers.”

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Over the past year, personalized interactive advertisements have grown in popularity as businesses search for fresh approaches to increase ad income. TV ad income has decreased recently as marketers retreat and shift their commercials to other platforms. Sling TV is now supporting this initiative by providing customized advertisements on Sling TV.

As per DISH, these advertisements are reinventing the conventional commercial break. Advertisers can now raise awareness and encourage viewers to act within the advertisement.


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