When Shaquille O’Neal appeared on a Chicago rapper’s song, it was the collaboration of dreams.

Midwestern rapper GAWNE unveiled the music video featuring Shaq for their song “Chaos” on Friday, revealing that the former NBA player gave him a $1 million Rolls-Royce. The partnership materialized once Shaq DMed GAWNE’s Instagram post.

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“This is the craziest day of my life, Shaq dude. I just got a fucking roll from Shaq. Oh my god, guy. After their video soot, Gawne says, “God bless you, Shaq,” in a 15-second clip. “You own it, my boy. I have to take an Uber now,” Shaq answered.

After the two connected on “Chaos,” GAWNE praised Shaq as well, referring to his uncommon feature as a “honor.” “He was rapping his heart out on every take because he was so passionate and loves rap so much. “It was truly a remarkable encounter,” GAWNE stated to Wednesday Journal, a Chicago publication.

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Additionally, he said, “I want to shout from the top of the mountains about what a great guy Shaquille O’Neal is.” Even though writing a song with him was awesome, his character and uniqueness are what I find most admirable about him.

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This is Shaq’s most recent rap verse; he previously appeared as a guest on Meek Mill and Rick Ross’ “SHAQ & KOBE (Remix)” with Damian Lillard, alias Dame D.O.L.L.A. Early in his career, Ross revealed on Complex’s GOAT Talk, he was signed to O’Neal.

“He was introducing T.W.IsM. Records.” Somewhere in Atlanta, we crossed paths. In a restaurant, we first met,” Ross remarked. “After that, we entered the kitchen at the back. For him, I vomited out a few bars. He provided me with his contact information, and we briefly communicated. You know how that goes, though.

When the two finally got back together, Ross gave O’Neal an MMG chain during an appearance on Inside the NBA in October.


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