In 2024, the recently combined Disney+ and Hulu streaming service might cause a stir.

Netflix’s 29 titles will be surpassed by the combined services’ one-third of the top 100 titles in the United States, as per Ampere Analysis. Furthermore, the merged applications would include 9,578 unique movies and TV seasons, which is more than Netflix’s 8,391 titles and slightly less than Amazon Prime’s 10,892 titles.

The estimates made by Ampere Analysis are predicated on information released for the third quarter of 2023. The company uses information from websites like Google, IMBDb, and Wikipedia to gauge popularity, including interest volume, web traffic, and box office revenue.

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Disney, which continues to incur enormous losses from its streaming division but anticipates turning a profit by the fall of next year, has reason to be optimistic in light of Ampere’s data. According to The Wall Street Journal, the media behemoth anticipates that the merged Disney+ Hulu app would attract more than 150,000 users and bring in millions of dollars in revenue over the course of the following year. The two apps will formally launch in March after being integrated in a beta trial earlier this month.

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According to a consumer survey conducted by Ampere, Disney+ is already available to 44% of US Hulu users because of package offers made available on both platforms and ESPN. The company claims that by integrating the apps, Disney+ will have an opportunity to entice the remaining Hulu members who do not currently subscribe to Disney+.

Additionally, users would get access to a wider variety of material through a more unified streaming experience thanks to the combined apps. This occurs during a period when many consumers are reducing the number of services they subscribe to in an effort to save money. Furthermore, according to Ampere’s survey, 43% of consumers of streaming video on demand feel “overwhelmed” by the variety of services that are offered.

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Joshua Rustage, an analyst for the company, stated that “the combined Disney+ and Hulu catalogue will provide one of the most well-rounded and popular offerings in a single platform, upping the content stakes at a time when many are pulling back on content investment.”

Although it is unclear how customers would really react to the new app, the combination will increase competition between suppliers for users. Amazon is stepping up its Prime Video Channels program, which enables you to subscribe to other services like Max or Paramount+ and see them within the Prime Video hub, in response to competitor app Paramount+ folding into the Showtime app.

“Rivals must make sure their products stay competitive as the competition for viewers’ attention grows, particularly since attracting advertising funds is now a crucial component of the streaming mix,” stated Rustage.


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