In a recent interview, E-40 discussed the condition of hip-hop, saying that new rappers are just “copy cats” and lack originality. The Bay Area icon acknowledged on Wednesday, December 6, that he “doesn’t like” the direction that culture is taking.

On the news program, he declared, “I don’t like where it’s at.” “Because I believe there isn’t enough originality. Everybody has the same voice. Many imitators

“I’m not tryna act like I’m hella positive,” he continued. However, I am because I tell stories. I discuss the ramifications and effects if you do the things that don’t seem positive. I tell stories.

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The rapper “U and Dat” feels the same way as Lil Yachty does.

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With Tierra Whack, the “Poland” artist said to Rolling Stone, “There’s a lot of imitation in hip-hop right now. There is a lot of hastily produced, subpar music available. There’s a lot less creativity and risk-taking… Nowadays, people are too safe. Everyone is really secure. Taking the chance is preferable to taking a loss.

During a recent podcast episode of A Safe Place, Yachty also spoke with co-host Mitch Gone Mad. During their conversation, he stated, “Even record labels have pulled back on funding of Hip Hop as far as like what contracts are looking like and what budgets are being put into… Hip Hop artists.” Funding has been reduced for everything. It’s true.

“The truth is that there is a decline in content, which is why people aren’t supporting hip-hop the way they used to,” he continued.


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