Fans can rest easy knowing that NBA YoungBoy has no animosity toward Joe Budden. In a video that was posted online overnight, YoungBoy declares that everything is for fun.

YoungBoy remarked, “Joe Budden, I love you bruh.” “They’re not aware of our plot surprise. After that, we had to conduct an interview. Please don’t take us too seriously—all of this is just for fun.

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Over the last few days, there has been back and forth between Joe Budden and NBA Youngboy. Their disagreement started when Budden discussed Youngboy’s music in episode 680 of his podcast of the same name.

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Budden remarked, “You ready to tell the truth about NBA Youngboy?” That man is garbage. He is very awful. He is very awful. He is extremely, extremely, extremely, extremely terrible.

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Ish, Budden’s co-host, clarified if he was talking about music or himself. Budden retorted, “I’m just talking about the music; I don’t know him personally.” He continues by explaining how a record label push made him famous, even if he seemed to have retracted from it.

With a bundle of cash in his hand from his Utah house detention, YoungBoy would reply. He said, “Don’t talk about me, don’t rat on me.”

As Budden put it in an online JBTV group, “I’m way bigger than him.” Put an end to this. Then Budden recited YoungBoy’s most recent songs. “The thing is, you’re working extremely hard for someone who doesn’t sell over 60,000 records.”


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