Serena Williams, a global tennis sensation and style icon, recently exchanged her tennis racket for Mickey ears. To go on an enchanted family vacation at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, with her spouse Alexis Ohanian and daughter Olympia. The renowned tennis player, who is now retired, took a break to make wonderful memories at the most lovely site on earth.

The Williams-Ohanian family sank their teeth into the brand-new “Journey of Water. Inspired by Moana” at EPCOT to begin their Disney adventure. They were able to interact with water in fun and surprising ways thanks to the interactive experience. Following that, Serena and Olympia met the vivacious Moana for the first time in their lives and learned some crucial navigational skills.

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Serena Williams, who is well-known for her intense rivalry on the court, brought her best to Walt Disney World. Proving that the Disney magic didn’t stop there. The family proceeded to Magic Kingdom’s Princess Fairytale Hall, where they were privileged to meet Princess Tiana. The renowned Mickey and Minnie Mouse had a nice conversation with the royal couple next to the enchanted Cinderella Castle.

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Despite her retirement from tennis following the 2022 US Open, Serena still serves as an inspiration both on and off the field. Her trip to Walt Disney World opens a new chapter in the fable of fantastical experiences that the well-known resort has constructed.


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