Disney+ programs from Marvel are being loaded for 2024. With the second season of What If…? slated to premiere in December, Comic Book reports that three new series will premiere in 2019.

The upcoming television programs include X-Men: The programs, which will make a comeback in X-Men ’97; Wandavision’s Agatha: Darkhold Diaries; and TV-MA Hawkeye spinoff Echo, which is scheduled for release on January 10.

Along with new films, Marvel will also release Deadpool 3, on July 26. It can be the year’s loan movie that is released.

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Disney also has upcoming shows planned for Ironheart, Wonderman, Wakanda, Daredevil, and more characters. In the end, Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige is sticking to the schedule that gives “each get a chance to shine.”


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