Elon Musk has expressed his intention for X (formerly known as Twitter) to compete with Twitch and YouTube.

During the past year, X has been expanding its video streaming services to achieve this goal. Streamlabs, a prominent company in the field of live streaming for content providers, has just introduced support for the social networking platform.

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The latest upgrade enables authors to utilize Streamlabs software for generating a live stream that may be disseminated on X. Users have the option to do this action either on their PC or through the Streamlabs Mobile App, thereby simplifying the process of live streaming on platform X.

“X has been a prominent center for gamers to interact and engage with their audience for a considerable period of time.” Ashray Urs, Head of Product at Streamlabs, expressed our enthusiasm in endorsing creators on our platform as X ventures into the thrilling domain of live game streaming. “Now, creators have an extra opportunity to exhibit their content and broaden their audience.”

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Streamlabs enables users to generate personalized live streams using graphics, numerous cameras, and additional functionalities. With the recent integration of stream labs, X now allows verified X users who are Twitch and YouTube streamers to easily stream to X by simply signing into their X accounts.

Creators may now utilize X with the same level of user-friendliness as Twitch or YouTube.


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