The Weeknd and Fortnite have announced a partnership for the game’s upcoming “Festival” mode, which launches on December 9 and includes exclusive costumes and cosmetics.

The Weeknd has revealed his partnership with Fortnite, the massively popular video game from Epic Games, for its upcoming “Festival” mode, which launches on December 9. With the new game option, users can now play a rhythm-based musical game in Fortnite and level up to gain free cosmetics.

A different leveling system will be available for Fortnite Festival than for the Battle Royale and other game modes. Experience points earned by finishing tasks in the Festival mode are not applied to the core game’s Battle Pass. Instead, as with past Fortnite “mini-game” passes like their partnerships with Star Wars and other IPs, this experience will contribute to the Festival Pass’s advancement.

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Through the purchase of a Festival Pass, players will have access to a “Premium” rewards track that offers twice as many cosmetics, including an in-game outfit featuring The Weeknd dressed only in his “After Hours” attire.

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Auras, a brand-new kind of cosmetic available only in the Festival mode, and traditional items like costumes and emotes that are still useable in other game modes are among the cosmetics that may be obtained during the Fortnite Festival.

With the release of Fortnite Festival on December 9, further details will become available. The Weeknd will be the only player in the first season of the game mode. Fortnite had a busy week that culminated with the release of many new game modes in the days preceding the Festival. On December 7, Fortnite will launch its new LEGO mode, and on December 8, it will launch Rocket Racing.

Players of all ages will be able to enjoy creating with LEGO blocks in the vibrantly colored Fortnite universe with the release of LEGO Fortnite, a “survival crafting game that lives within Fortnite.” The first digital product of The LEGO Group and Epic Games’ collaboration, the game aims to “encourage creativity, experimentation, and collaboration through play.”


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