Shazam has more than 300 million monthly active users worldwide, according to Apple, and more people than ever use the app to find music.

With Shazam hitting 300 million monthly active users globally, Apple has announced a new milestone. Shazam’s user base is growing worldwide, making it one of the most reliable signals for finding out what people are listening to.

Because so many African songs are at the top of Shazam’s annual global rankings, African nations have among of the fastest increasing user bases. On Shazam’s Top 100 2023, Rema’s song “Calm Down” debuted at the top after topping the chart for the longest period of time in the previous year. As one of Nigeria’s most well-known musicians, Ayra Starr also ends the year in the Top 10 of the Top 100 2023.

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“Wherever you are today, I hope this song brings you joy and sounds as beautiful as the day you heard it,” adds Rema, “to everyone who found the energy to find this song.”

Shazam has been helping K-pop spread over the world, and its user base has grown significantly in Korea. This year has seen a record number of K-pop songs enter the Shazam global charts, with rising group FIFTY FIFTY reaching No. 3 – the highest position ever for a K-pop artist outside of BTS or one of its members.

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The only five Latin songs to make it into the US Shazam Top 10 did so in the last 12 months, indicating that the genre—particularly that of Mexico—has grown significantly in the past year.

Shazam, one of the most popular apps on the App Store, has been around for a while and keeps coming out with new features to make it easier for people to find music, wherever they are or on whatever device.

Shazam most recently released Concerts, a new section of the app that allows music lovers to find upcoming concerts in their neighborhood. The suggestion system for events is based on the user’s Shazam history or the popular events in the area. Moreover, fans can find events by narrowing down the venue, date, and musicians.


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