With a 90-second teaser that promises a 2025 release date for Grand Theft Auto VI and, in an unusual move for the franchise, a female lead character, Rockstar Games has leaked the next Grand Theft Auto ahead of schedule.

Not only is Grand Theft Auto a major series in gaming, but it’s also a major one in entertainment.

Three days after its debut, 2013’s Grand Theft Auto V has brought in $1 billion and sold 190 million copies, according to publisher Take Two Interactive.

Popular interactive playgrounds, the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) games combine a playable sandbox with a story-driven criminal adventure, allowing players to take any car, boat, or aircraft they want and embark on an exciting ride.

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With Tom Petty’s “Love Is A Long Road” playing in the background, the GTA VI teaser debuted on Monday night and by Tuesday morning had received around 60 million views on YouTube.

Vice City, Rockstar’s parody of Miami, is where GTA VI is confirmed to take place in the teaser.

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The main heroine, Lucia, is shown talking to a man—possibly her spouse or boyfriend—about sticking together while video shows them robbing a liquor shop and swerving away from the police.

Along with scenes from Vice City, there are scenes of people running on a beach, speedboats racing through a harbor, and a man catching an alligator in his swimming pool.

Following the publication of the trailer, Rockstar said that the game will launch on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series platforms. Its general setting will be the Florida-like state of Leonida, which includes Vice City.

Since 2001’s groundbreaking Grand Theft Auto III, the series has been renowned for its emphasis on the lives and crimes of men, with male protagonists in each of its main entries.

Rockstar had concealed the trailer’s release date—December 5—in an in-game t-shirt that was added to Grand Theft Auto Online in October, with plans to premiere it at 9 a.m. ET on that day.

On X, that announcement alone had almost 160 million views.
Rockstar released the trailer on its own channel after it was discovered to have leaked on Monday night.

The corporation shared on Facebook, saying, “Please watch the real thing on YouTube as our trailer has leaked.” 14 million people viewed that post in less than thirty minutes.
Flashback: More than a year ago, a hacker gained access to game development footage, causing the main coupling and setting to be first shown online.

At the time, Rockstar acknowledged the leak, but they insisted it would not affect the game’s production.

Compared to the leaked footage, the footage in today’s clip appeared far more polished.

Although they haven’t stated when they’ll release more, Rockstar identified this as the game’s initial trailer.


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