During his unexpected presence at the Critics Choice Celebration of Cinema & Television on Monday night, Jamie Foxx talked about how a health scare he had earlier in the year had given him “a new respect” for his life and his work.

Foxx was present to accept the Vanguard Award for the evening. In his most recent movie, The Burial, he starred alongside Tommy Lee Jones. The Oscar-winning actor did not take part in the customary red carpet conversations, nor was his appearance on the special event’s published schedule, according to a report from Deadline.

As soon as he ascended the podium, Foxx said to the crowd, “I’ve been through some things.” You know, it’s absurd. Six months ago, I couldn’t have done that. Actually, I was unable to walk.

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As was previously mentioned, Foxx’s daughter claimed in April that her father had been admitted to the hospital because of an unidentified health problem. Foxx’s family denied rumors concerning his health a few weeks later, calling it “sad to see how the media runs wild.”

In his Monday acceptance speech, Foxx struck a balance between his quick wit and sobering observations on time’s unstoppable passage. He ended up touching on a wide range of topics, from clone jokes (“I’m not a clone”) to how much he valued his family’s assistance in keeping his recuperation process private.

His words, “It feels good to be here,” “I now treasure each and every minute. It is distinct. It’s not even close. It’s difficult when it’s almost over and you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, so I wouldn’t wish what I went through on my worst enemy. red-carpet “Shit.” “Am I headed in the correct direction?”

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Foxx also recalled a very moving conversation he had earlier this year with a staff member in a Chicago medical facility he had to check into. He mentioned this interaction as being crucial in keeping him inspired and eager to resume his passion.

The most motivational part of Foxx’s speech on Monday night, though, came at the end when she urged the audience to “never give up” on their own artistic endeavors.

“Life now has a new meaning for me. I now value my craft more,” he declared. “In an attempt to pass the time, I listened to and watched a ton of movies. Man, keep working on your art. Keep working on your art. “Testify,” your grandmothers say, when you know that it could end that way. Thus, let me to say, keep working on your craft. Additionally, don’t allow them to take your paintings.”


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