Even though it happened a long time ago, people are still chuckling at an event in which two celebrities called out Ellen DeGeneres.

The famous talk show presenter has faced a number of bullying charges in recent years, and it appears she was being quietly called out long before they surfaced.

On The Ellen Show 11 years ago, the presenter was joined by High School Musical actor Zac Efron and singer-songwriter Taylor Swift.

Part of the show was the couple singing a surprise original song for their host, which turned out to be far more crucial than they could have imagined.

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The song had the duo making veiled references to their experiences on the show and with DeGeneres, and cut an embarrassing moment.

Later, DeGeneres was accused of creating a toxic environment, violating an interviewee’s limits, and sexualizing a guest.

Despite the fact that the Swift and Efron piece was filmed over a decade ago, the song is still making waves.

Swift explains that she taught Efron how to play the guitar and play ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ by Foster the People while sitting on DeGeneres’ sofa 11 years ago.

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The couple started strumming and singing along after obtaining some guitars and Swift reminding Ted Bundy of the chords while encouraging him along the way.

It doesn’t take long for Efron to suggest that they ‘alter up the lyrics’ a little.

“Ellen works a long day,” Efron sings. In a smart, fashionable sweater, giving strange interviews. And it becomes a little strange, right, calling us out as if we’re boyfriend and girlfriend.

“But it’s not just ’cause we’re sitting here watching cat videos and dancing to Betty White and everything. And it’ll always be strange, since this song is all about Ellen and Swift, huh.”

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Swift also takes a go at DeGeneres, stating that she’s appeared on the show eight times and that, in addition to hiding in the bathroom with a camera and scaring her, DeGeneres has repeatedly asked her about who she’s dating.

The duo begins a chorus in which they express how’really odd’ it is ‘every time’ they both appear on the show – ‘all because of Ellen,’ they harmonize. Ouch.

DeGeneres may have exclaimed “love[d] it” shortly after Efron and Swift concluded their performance, but her facial expressions during the performance suggest at a more uneasy – or “weird” – atmosphere.

And social media users are in stitches over the song, flocking to the comments section to share their thoughts on the resurrected clip.

“I love seeing Taylor being snarky,” one YouTube user commented. She appeared to be having a good time shouting out Ellen. Taylor is a lady.”

“They really made a diss track on Ellen in front of Ellen… Legends,” another chimed in.

And a member of the Reddit community added: “Never forget this exists called her out subtly by song and that was in her prime years as a TV host with the wholesome image.”

“I adore this. “They’re roasting her, and she’s just sitting there with her fake smile, seething on the inside,” said another.


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