These days, Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz are constantly spotted together. We’ve been seeing and hearing a lot of the two lately, from the release of their eagerly anticipated ColleGrove 2 album to this weekend’s Balenciaga runway, and we’re not upset about it at all.

Salma Hayek, Kim Kardashian, Teyana Taylor, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Sexyy Red were among the many celebrities in attendance at the Fall 24 runway show in Los Angeles on Saturday, December 2. The “Bandz A Make Her Dance” partners, who were able to sit in the front row, were holding things down for the men nearby.

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Chainz and Weezy were able to support Cardi B throughout her runway debut from their esteemed position. Even while it’s always wonderful to see new fashion, a lot of people on social media expressed surprise at how much love Balenciaga was receiving since the brand was banned for hurting children only a few months prior. To the surprise and anger of the public, the firm produced an advertisement featuring young people holding teddy bears covered in BDSM clothing. It appeared in the aftermath that the foreign corporation had been permanently destroyed, although this is clearly untrue. People aren’t holding back when they have lots to say about this, as usual.

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Under @theshaderoom’s photo on Instagram, a user commented, “‘Protect our children,’ also catch me wearing this new Balenciaga drip,” “These celebrities don’t stand on s**t, especially when it comes to luxury brands.” Someone else mentioned Diddy in the conversation, stating, “Black people will reject Sean John, but they will stand by white labels that denigrate them.”

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Continue reading to see other comments from fans on social media regarding our favorite stars attending the most recent Balenciaga fashion show. Do you believe that consumers should now act responsibly and stop canceling clothing brands? Please let us know in the comments below, and come back later for more updates on pop culture and hip-hop news.


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