A technical error led to the warning being sent out just hours before Thanksgiving, which made some marketers “freak out.”

Shortly after, Google advised advertisers that the notice should be ignored and confirmed the error.

Why it matters to us. You may be confident that your account is still active and that it won’t affect your business if you or your client receives this notification. There is no need for fear as this notification was delivered in error.

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“Clients are going crazy.” Kirk Williams, a PPC specialist, initially noticed the error messages on X. He conveyed to his supporters:

“Unexpectedly, clients are panicking that this email has suspended their GMC (which is untrue; we reassure them by sending them screenshots of GMC and their advertisements in the wild). Did anyone else get these?

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It appears to be a generic email. Who in the world would send an email like this to brands hours before Thanksgiving, causing them to all (rightfully) panic and believe GMC has discontinued their products, only to discover that this appears to be a promotional or error communication?

What’s being said by Google. After learning about the issue, Google Ads liaison Ginny Marvin told her X followers to disregard the alert, citing:

We’ve located the technical problem that caused this notification to be sent out in error. You can dismiss the notification because it is wrong. We will send more communications with explanations. I apologize.


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