Take cautious while sharing any Fox Sports videos on YouTube or X (previously Twitter). It appears that the sports cable network has started to use copyright takedown requests more aggressively.

The prominent X account @nocontextcfb (no context college football) received a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) demand from Fox due to a footage that he posted, according to the sports site Awful Announcing.

These men are acting in a really pitiful and foolish way. Nothing else I can do, unfortunately,” the nocontextcfb account wrote.

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Even while media corporations frequently request takedowns, they usually target big accounts or companies. With almost 213,000 followers, @nocontextcfb is a popular account, but it’s not exactly a high-profile one. Horrible Fox also sent takedown notices to a number of smaller accounts, as revealed by Announcing, indicating that this was a widespread practice.

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The issue of how far to take legal action against specific social media accounts for sharing videos is brought up by Fox’s action. Even though Fox, a media firm, is rightfully the owner of the footage, sharing them also helps spread the word about the game and benefits all parties involved.

The account @nocontextcfb did not even attempt to extract the broadcast footage. It simply shared a video that Fox College Football had already shared. Even more forceful takedown demands for older posts were made after the account followed up with Fox Sports.

Fox Sports did not immediately have a representative available to comment on the takedown drill.


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