The renowned and recognizable “Lion Claw” necklace, known as the “Holy Grail” of Elvis Presley jewelry, is proudly presented by GottaHaveRockandRoll.

This artifact was eventually presented to Jimmy Velvet after it was first on exhibit at the Elvis Presley Museum. Rolling Stone Magazine reportedly referred to Jimmy Velvet as “The Godfather of memorabilia.” According to Jimmy Velvet, the Elvis Lion Claw is the most iconic item of jewelry that Elvis Presley has ever worn.

Elvis wore this necklace in countless photos, both on and off stage, and throughout his daily life. The sheer number of photos showing him wearing it is astounding. Most notably, Elvis wore the necklace both times he met Muhammad Ali and on Lisa Marie’s birthday! You can see him wearing it with Linda Thompson as well! Elvis Presley is shown in what is arguably the most famous portrait of him ever, wearing this same Lion Claw Necklace. Elvis frequently wore the necklace to performances; during more than 30 appearances, it was visible on Elvis.

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The provenance of this item is flawless as well; the individual who crafted the Claw specifically for Elvis using rubies and diamonds is the source of the Claw’s pedigree. moreover bearing the official accreditation from the Elvis Presley Museum, which served as the Claw’s longtime residence. Additional provenance from Daniel Johnson, President & CEO of the Elvis Presley Museum, and Jimmy Velvet, the museum’s founder.

We have a comprehensive PDF that goes into much more detail about the necklace, thanks to the generous donation of GottaHaveRockandRoll.

The deadline for bidding is December 15th.


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