After an extremely long wait, Young Thug’s YSL RICO trial has finally begun.

Since the arrest of more than two dozen YSL members stunned the rap world last year, the rapper has been in police detention for nearly a year and a half, awaiting trial. The arduous jury selection procedure was eventually completed earlier this month, and the trial was set to begin today. Thugger is one of only six defendants remaining in the indictment after others made plea bargains to avoid trial or were tried separately.

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The case’s opening statements began earlier today. This meant that supporters had a chance to respond to the commencement of the trial by seeing the most recent photographs of Young Thug in court. While hundreds continue to advocate for his release, many are skeptical that he will be able to fight the charges against him. According to the enormous indictment, Thug was the de-facto leader of a gang called YSL, which the prosecution claims was named after his music label. Thugger, unsurprisingly, has denied all claims. Below is a new photo of the rapper on the first day of his trial.

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The judge in the case issued a contentious decision earlier this month. Lyrics from numerous Young Thug songs will be admissible as evidence throughout the trial. For years, debates have raged over whether or not rap lyrics should be permitted in court. Some states have even implemented legislation to prevent them from being admitted. When the verdict was made public earlier this month, the hip-hop community responded angrily. Killer Mike and Meek Mill, among others, came to Thug’s support and spoke out about using rap lyrics in court.

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Young Thug released his latest album Business Is Business earlier this year. The project was mostly built from previously recorded material prior to his imprisonment. What are your thoughts on Young Thug’s appearance in court on the opening day of his YSL RICO trial? Tell us in the comments section below.


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