Jim Carrey is reportedly returning to the bright green title character for the upcoming sequel, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, 23 years after he starred in the original film.

This year marks the 23rd Christmas that the Ron Howard-directed film has been shown, having debuted back in 2000.

Even though there has never been a sequel to the picture, Giant Freakin Robot has recently revealed that one is on the horizon, including beloved actor Carrey reprising his part.

The newspaper reported that “Jim Carrey is returning to Universal Pictures for The Grinch 2, once again playing Dr. Seuss’s most famous and ill-tempered creation.”

It’s possible that not everyone is excited for the Dr. Seuss sequel, despite the fact that the lighthearted film, which follows the bright green “gentle giant” as he torments the people of Whoville, has kept both parents and kids in the Christmas mood for the past 20 years.

The 61-year-old actor Carrey has actually talked on multiple occasions about the psychological and physical effects of inhabiting the legendary role for daily filming.

When the Canadian comic caught up with Irish talk-show host Graham Norton in 2014, he disclosed that applying the heavy prosthetics and makeup on his body and face took eight hours.

“When I did The Grinch, literally, the make-up was like being buried alive everyday,” he said. “There were eight and a half hours on the first day.

“After telling Ron Howard that I couldn’t make the film, I returned to my trailer and stuck my leg through the wall.

“Then [movie producer] Brian Grazer came in being the fix-it man, and came up with a brilliant idea which was to hire a gentleman who is trained to teach CIA operatives how to endure torture.”

“So, that’s how I got through The Grinch,” he taunted. It was really funny.”

Carrey continued by sharing a few of the methods he used to relax.

“If you’re freaking out and you start to spiral downward, turn the television on, change a pattern, have someone you know come up and smack you in the head, punch yourself in the leg, or smoke as much as you possibly can.”

Explaining that his “horrifying” outfit featured “green yack hair,” which he claims is twisted inwards, Carrey continued, saying that the only thing that made him feel better was that the film was “for the kids.”

He further surprised the audience by saying, “I did the make-up 100 times.”

Thus, it’s possible that the CIA will be required once more if Carrey decides to reprise his role as the Grinch!


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