Jason and Travis Kelce’s last NFL rematch concluded with another emotional exchange.

The Kelce brothers faced battle as the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs met for the first time since the 2023 Super Bowl, with the game being their fourth meeting.

The Chiefs hosted the Eagles at Arrowhead Stadium on Monday night, but the Eagles came out on top, 21-17.

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Jason and Travis met on the field immediately after the game, where they exchanged an embrace and a laugh before Travis went to his locker room and Jason continued to welcome everyone on the field.

Their on-field reunion was less emotional than the one they experienced after the Chiefs defeated the Eagles 38-35 in Super Bowl LVII in February. Travis defeated Jason for the third time in their ongoing matchups in the historic game, which marked the first time siblings on opposing teams played each other in the championship.
After the clock expired at the end of the game, the brothers ran up to each other to have an emotional moment on the field. “Come here,” older brother Jason, 35, urged to his teary-eyed younger brother, 33, as he approached for an embrace. “Well done, Travis. Congratulations.”

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“I love you, big guy,” Travis said back. “I love you, too,” Jason said. Excellent work. “Go have a party.”

Travis was overheard stating, “I don’t know what to tell you, big guy,” as his brother pressed on him “going celebrate.” Before Travis got swept up in the joyous occasion, Jason said, “I love you… “The best year of my life.”

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The Eagles-Chiefs game on Monday night will be the fifth in which both brothers play for their respective teams.

They initially met in 2013, but Travis was unable to compete due to an injury. The following matchup was in 2017, followed by 2021. Most notably, they met again in the 2023 Super Bowl, which some jokingly dubbed the Kelce Bowl.

On a recent edition of their New Heights podcast, Jason asked Travis if he enjoys playing against him, and Travis replied, “fun as hell, man.”
“I enjoy just being in the NFL with you, let alone when we get to share the field,” he continued. It brings our entire family and all of our friends together to watch a single game. Aside from the score at the conclusion, I know… I’ve had a lot of fun in every single game we’ve ever played.”


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